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Zep Manufacturing, an ISO 9001, 9002, 14001, and NATO certified multinational chemical company which has been a leader in Institutional and Industrial maintenance products since 1937.

We provide an amazingly broad range of aimed degreasers, detergents, sanitizers, solvents, lubricants, deodorizers, polishes, and selected dosing equipment to virtually all of the market segments as summarized here below:


Solvents/Cleaners for any need and condition of use, plus selected cleaning equipment. Solvents range from naturally based to aliphatic, aromatic, halogenated blends; at very fast/fast/medium/low evaporation rate; insulating (for electrical connections), non flammable, with no odor and with deodorizing effect; solvent-detergent complexes for very specifc uses (e.g: paint removing, for carburettors; approved by Boeing, Douglas, Agusta for aircraft bodies).

Degreasers for Water-Based Applications: for manual cleaning/ batch cleaning by recirculation tanks, for specific metallurgies, etc.

Paint removers for all kinds of paints. Scale Removers, some effective also on cement, to clean ceramics, clinker, stone.

Floor Detergents, including heavy-duty products and others to be used with floor washing machines.

Industrial Deodorizers of various types based on different mechanisms according to the case: “good bacteria” and enzymatic products to help natural biodegradation processes; odor-destroyers which chemically react with bad odorcausing molecules; bactericides which eliminate bacteria responsible of bad odor-causing fermentations. Many products contain fragrances which release pleasant perfume in the ambient. The line is completed by equipment to spray and dose the products efficiently.

Sanitizers and Cleaners for Fin-Fan Coolers to eliminate dust, grease, dirt from the fins and recover heat exchange;


Lubricants/refrigerants-cutting oils including some specific to aluminium; ancillary products including additives to prevent bio-degradation of working emulsions/bad odors; lubricants for the machines; equipment to quick-test lubricant-refrigerant’s concentration, to prepare emulsions, to remove lube oil from emulsions.

Specialised metal cleaners for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and its alloys;

Welding-aids; finishers for steel and stainless steel surfaces; “temporary protectors” to preserve metal surfaces during metalworking, transportation and storage; permanent protectors based on zinc (galvanization), aluminum powder, rubber; rust converters.


Penetrating/De-blocking/Lubricating/Water-Repellent/Protective Fluids, (some with Teflon and Vydax, various forms and packings, some according to MIL specs or USDA).

Oils (Lubricating Oils at various SAE grade, Hydraulic Oils) for various mechanical applications, included some specific to the Textile Industry. For the Food Industry, see after (paragraph 3).

Special Greases: with Lithium, with Aluminum, with Teflon, with Molibdenum Disulfide, with Copper; Graphite based; for high pressure; exceeding particular MIL specs and for the Food industry; in various packings and forms. The line is completed by greasing equipment (manual and/or compressed air driven).

Silicones for Anti-Adherent, Lubricant, Detaching applications (also food grade and pharmaceutical grade)


Absorbents, Dispersants and Floating Barriers to control and eliminate Hydrocarbon Leaks on the ground and in surface waters


Resins (including Two-Component Epoxy Type) as finishing for industrial floors and walls, to repair pits and cracks in cement floor/stairs, for machinery fixing to ground etc.

Finishing Chemicals (anti-stain, water-repellent, glowing effect) for marble, clinker, etc


In addition to many of the chemicals already described under “Industry”: A Line of Products for Aircrafts, Ships, Cars, Trucks, such as aircraft exterior cleaners, lubricants, mechanical parts washing machines and solvents, manual and tunnel cleaning; windshield cleaning; antiskid/antiwear for transmission belts; instant choke/carburettor cleaners; protecting/glowing agent for rubber and plastics etc; with MIL, Boeing, Douglas etc. approvals.


A dedicated selection of Military approved (MIL, NATO, etc) solvents, lubricating and protective oils for weapons and vehicles, penetrating fluids, descaling agents, protective filmers and detergents for aircraft windshields, etc.


Cleaners/Sanitizers for Air Conditioners to eliminate dust/grease/dirt from the fan coils, remove and prevent bacterial growth which could cause Legionella lethal infections.

Swimming Pool additives and equipment to sanitize, keep clean and control manually or automatically the water condition.

Dishwashing: detergents, rinse aids, sanitizers, scale removers for soft and hard waters, for manual and machine cleaning. The line is completed by a series of dosing systems.

Laundry & Housekeeping: All detergents, bleachers, chlorine-based/oxygen-based. Cleaner, softeners, detergents for manual and machine cleaning. The line is completed by a series of dosing systems.

Surfaces and Equipment Detersion, Sanification, Deodorization: a complete line of products for general cleaning, descaling, sanitization, and finishing; for any ambient and for all material like tiles, marble, granite, wood floors and walls, carpets; for stainless and glass surfaces; for “difficult equipment” like ovens and grills. Several effective ambient deodorizers complete the product line.

This section includes the QuickEasy line, a system based on 8 products, 30-times concentrate compared to the “normal” ones, which cover the most important applications. A wall-mounted QuickEasy dispenser, protected by a lock, doses at a simple push-button the exact amount of super concentrate in the operator’s daily flask. The operator then just fills up the flask with water and obtains a “normal concentration”, ready-to-use product. Each QuickEasy product has a distinctive color, repeated on the label of both the dedicated Dispenser and the daily flask, which makes easy and error-proof operations. The system is therefore effective, economical, friendly, and safe.

Insecticides, Pesticides, Rat-Control agents: same as mentioned under “Food Industry”, completed by dosing equipment as appropriate. A series of floorwashing machines and accessories complete the line


In addition to many of the chemicals already described under “Industry”: Products for Recirculation Tank Cleaning: Alkaline, acid, single phase
detergents and sanitizers for C.I.P.

Products for Foam-Cleaning Applications: Alkaline, acid, neutral, chlorinated foaming detergents and various sanitizers. The line is supported by foam guns and cannons, electronic control boards.

Food Grade Lubricants and Greases: In bulk or aerosol form, with rust inhibiting and sanitizing agents. The line is completed by electronic dosing systems.

Specialized Insecticides/Pesticides/Rat-Control Products: The line is completed by dosing equipment.

Hand Care products: several hand-cleaning formulas, some particularly effective on grease, tar and carbonaceous residues; sanitizers; protective creams. The line is completed by conventional and touch-free dispensers.

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