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Studies and Consultancy for Water & Waste Water Treatment.


Water & Waste Water Chemical Treatment

Supplying Specialty Chemicals for the following systems:
○ Reverse Osmoses and Desalination Plant
○ Steam Boiler System
○ Cooling Tower System
○ HVAC cooling/heating Closed System
○ Domestic/Potable Water System
○ Waste Water Treatment Plant


Water & Waste Water Equipment

Design, Engineering, Supplying, installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Specialty Equipment :
○ Multimedia Filter
○ Activated Carbon Filter
○ Softeners
○ Cartridge Filter
○ RO System
○ Ultra-Filtration System
○ Membrane bioreactor System
○ E-Cell / EDI System


Plants services

Design, Engineering, Supplying, installation, Operation and Maintenance of:
○ Filters
○ Ultrafiltration
○ Reverse Osmosis
○ Effluent/Waste Water Treatment


Pulp and Paper process

Consultancy & Supply of specialty chemicals for Pulp and Paper process


Cleaning Services

Cleaning Service and Maintenance for Drain Lines and Tanks

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